Sailor style

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Photos: Morgane Lay

And exposed elbows

These Maje pants are from a past season, but they never get old to me. I love the sailor-looking details–the gold buttons, and the overall shape and fit of them. Then there’s LF, which is sometimes my second home, where I always leave stocked up with a few goods. I’m really into the whole cropped-ribbed-slit elbow trifecta here. It’s a winning

combination, and I love the warm but vibrant color as well. I may also be having a slight choker phase, so this was a good find at LF too. Though H&M had some good options I scooped up the other day as well! It’s a fun and easy add-on that works with everything, and brings back memories from middle school.

Natacha xoxo

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Pants: maje (old season; similar); top: LF (similar); choker: LF (similar)

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