We all know what the list looks like. “Lose 10 pounds” has yet to be scratched off yet for me—eight years later. Oops. Here’s to turning a new page in 2014, with determinations for accomplishing realistic goals. Here are a few things that don’t require you to forever swap the cookie for a green juice:

  1. Write handwritten thank you’s and letters. It goes a long way. (More than an emoji-filled text with smiley faces and hearts)
  2. Learn to unplug. Pick up books and magazines more. It’s good for the soul.
  3. Call your family more. Just to say hello.
  4. Develop your pictures. If I lose my iPhone, or my computer crashes, i think I would lose 10 years of my life in five seconds. That’s really sad.
  5. Pick up a new hobby. Sign up for that cooking or pilates class you’ve always wanted to try. What’s your excuse?

And still…health should always top the list. Do it for you. Little gradual changes here and there are the way to go. If you cut it all cold turkey, you might go a little crazy…For example, don’t go from being a serious carnivore to a vegan overnight, just throw some spinach leaves in your smoothie instead! If you want to cut coffee, start by eliminating a cup a day, eventually opting for decaf, and than just sipping tea and making a cappuccino your weekend indulgence. Want to exercise more? Make plans to work out with a friend, you are less likely to cancel. Or prepay a set of classes. Trust me, once you buy a package at SoulCycle, there’s no way you will let anything go to waste.

Also, separate your goals–one list for short term and another for long term. Make your life a journey—just don’t forget to smile and have fun along the way.

Written by Alexis Bendjouia

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