Overnight upgrades

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Photos: Morgane Lay

Rent and Swap

I’m all for purchasing garments that will live in my closet and on my shelves until the end of time. One day, they will make for a nice vintage assortment. But there are other times where all I want is a quick fix. Just a little taste of a new piece that I’ve been dreaming about. Anyways, I’ve found my new go-to in the

wardrobe renting department. Front Row Tribe lets you rent awesome pieces in an effortless manner. They even handle the dry cleaning, the clothes are delivered to your the most perfect shape, ready for you to enjoy a night out! There’s basically no downside. I recently discovered this site during Paris Fashion Week, when meeting the two founders Gabriela and Olimpia, and I instantly needed to join this tribe! I loved their ambition, the overall concept, and their eye for style. Then, while perusing the site, I caught a glimpse of this skirt and blouse from Philosophy and decided I needed to have it in my closet for 4 days.

I threw in my own boots, shades, and belt, and called it a day!

Natacha xoxo

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  1. Sylvia says:

    gorgeous blouse and skirt! loving the rent & swap service – sounds like a plan!