Photos: David Nyanzi

Keep up with the flow

The grind never stops, which means I’m always movin here and there! Part of this entrepreneur life means rolling with the punches and keeping up with whatever is thrown your way. Can you handle that? I’m so sure you can! Put a little determination in you heart and find some internal motivation to do what needs to be done!

Life is truly what you make it! A lot of people feel as if they are stuck and everything is happening TO them. You have to change your mindset and remember everything is happening FOR you! When you realize that you are in control of everything that happens to you, life will get a whole lot easier. Keeping that in mind, remember that you have the creativity inside of you to redesign a life you may not like! Do. It. Now. Today is a great day to have a great day and to put in some work! And while you’re doing that, put on some jeans that make your body smile 🙂 Do not shy away from an opportunity to look your best! 

Shop the look below darlings!

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Jeans: J Brand, Top: TopShop (similar), Shades: Linda Farrow x The Row, Purse: Hermes

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