Moment of zen

Image from Camel City Yoga

I can’t think of many forms of activity that engage both the mind and body. Yoga is a staple in the world of meditation; it lets you relax and focus on your breathing. Pilates is another type of hobby that uses physical and mental strength, focusing on core strengthening and flexibility.

Neither forms of exercise are exhausting, both make the body strong and lean and let’s be real…stepping off the treadmill sometimes makes us look like we just ran a marathon. It requires an emergency beauty routine follow-up.

Yoga and pilates on the other hand can be practiced daily, and than you can still go about your day without having to blow-dry your hair! That’s a win. Well, that and the fact that it releases stress and tension, while clearing your head, and improving your mood, flexibility, digestion, energy levels…on and on.

Give it a try!

written by Alexis Bendjouia

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