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It’s no secret that detoxes and cleanses are always the talk of the town amongst us women (a green juice in hand is like having the latest runway accessory). But with endless variety and opinions out there, it’s hard to find a starting point.

Here’s to starting 2014 off on a healthy foot—whether that means sipping your greens or munching on quinoa salads.

The basics: no matter what time of regimen you choose to follow, there’s a blacklist of foods that are always eliminated when cleansing. Unfortunately, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, processed foods, added sugars, artificial sweeteners and gluten must be swapped for a colorful selection of veggies and lean proteins.

Some popular names in the juicing game include Blue Print Cleanse ($75/day), Pressed Juicery ($72/day) and Liquiteria (a NY juicery starting at $49/day with a cleansing coach to support you throughout). Whole Foods sells Blue Print and Suja juices if you want to start slowly by swapping one meal a day before committing.

If you’re willing to give into the hunger games of juicing, just know that it’s quite shocking to your body and may leave you dizzy, lightheaded and lacking energy. Of course we cannot survive on veggie juices alone, but it can be a good way to kickstart a new healthy eating lifestyle. As for me, I’ll take my green juice with my morning omelet or afternoon yogurt, thanks!

Here are a few great DIY recipes from Whole LivingHealth, and Dr. Oz’s three-day cleanse

Written by Alexis Bendjouia

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