Fully studded

Photos: Morgane Lay

Valentino, etc.

I’ve been a fan of all things Valentino rockstud since the very debut and inception. But when turquoise stones were added to the metal mix, I was like Ha, this has got to be mine. Immediately. And ever since laying my hands on this bag, it’s become a neutral

favorite. Then there’s Kate Cate, which I mentioned yesterday, in regards to my custom purse strap on my Louis Vuitton bag. Here’s another look at what mixing and matching custom straps on purses looks like. Very into it.

Okay, and then these Carmar jeans because there’s no such thing as too many studs. Or patches. Or roses, or whatever. For a DIY day, explore with a pair of solid jeans and go wild with studs and patches! Or go subtle, either works.

Plus, this bomber jacket because a black bomber is practically as essential as a morning espresso.

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Jeans: carmar (similar); Sweater: LF (similar); Boots: Isabel Marant; Purse: Valentino (similar); Strap: Kate cate; Bombers: Alexander McQueen



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  1. Sylvia says:

    C’est canon.
    J’adore la touche de rouge du pull LF!