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Photos: Morgane Lay

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As I flung on this flowy skirt and cozy Isabel Marant knit, I felt like I was transported to vacation life. I quickly realized I was in London when I looked out the window, but if my mind is in Bora Bora, that’s all that matters. Right? Right. Anyways, these are the kind of looks that make me feel really me. I’ve always had an eye for the

boho things in life, so I was excited to get my hands on this Mademoiselle Emma maxi skirt. I love the head-to-toe neutral look with a pop of color. The bright turquoise spoke to me, as did the bright string around the waist and the tassel pom pom thing hanging from the drawstring. Then, I’m most definitely living in this sweater until the end of time. Part of it makes me want to curl up into a corner with my book and a chamomile tea. Cozy thoughts. The end!

Natacha xo


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skirt: Mademoiselle Emma (similar); cardigan: Isabel Marant

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Such a cute and delicate look … love it! xx