An Everlasting Summer

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Photos: Morgane Lay

For now

So long as the sun is shining, I will keep embracing my beachy wardrobe, and rocking out in all things I love Sunday St Tropez. I’ve had quite a few recent outings in the brand lately, and somehow, it does not get old. Each piece feels like it has a different personality, yet all still seem to serve the same purpose of looking effortless, boho, and easy to wear

anywhere and at all times! I’m particularly a fan of light color palettes, and this combination of nude, peach and baby pink is the perfect neutral color scheme.

Then there’s the little things like bare shoulder details, long necklaces, mini buttons, and strappy sandals that pull the look together and get me out the door for the day. Seems like I’m stuck in summer uniform mode, does anyone else have one they’ve been wearing on repeat?!

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dress: I love Sundays St Tropez

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Gorgeous, and effortless chic! X