A Year in Review

It’s Been Real, 2016

Every year, I delve into the outfit archive and pull out some of my favorite outfits from each month. It gives me a good snapshot of what I wore, some pieces I can’t live without, and where I was out and about each month. It gives me a solid overview of the year that is coming to a close, and in turn makes

me excited for all the upcoming fashion that 2017 has in store for us. From prints to stripes to lace to feminine or punk, I often cover the spectrum from start to finish with no regrets. There are a few staple pieces that never seemed to get old–my jeans from Vetements stand out in this category. But as the years go on and new trends come and go, I try to stay true to myself and dress according to the pieces I feel a connection with, as opposed to the one’s I think I’m supposed to feel connected to.

Here’s to an amazing year of traveling, playing dress up and hitting the streets in 2016. I look forward to better and beyond in the year to come!

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Thank you all so much for your messages! I read every one and they make me love what I do even more!!, xxN

  1. Sylvia says:

    … and the Dries van notes shirt and intergalactic boots are so Natacha too! Love them:! X