A year in review

2014, it’s been real.

This is it–2015 is finally upon us. And with each passing year, there is a wardrobe full of stories to tell and colors to explore. There are fashion weeks in countries all over the world, and always new inspirations picked up from travel adventures. With that in mind, there are days of vibrant colors, some that call for all black, and others where neutrals

do the trick.

By colors, I’m talking everything from vibrant and bold, to toned down pastels. In the black department, there are so many alternatives to a classic LBD, it’s always fun to rock out and change it up. Whether you throw in a standout shoe, some sheer fabric, or play with different textures, black can always go a long way. Neutrals are a staple. And I believe crop tops and fringe were an inevitable asset to 2014, loved it!

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