Toast 2.0

Don’t Fear the Carb

There are only so many days we can wake up and eat a plate of egg whites and sliced avocado. Breakfast and snack routines eventually get old, and we end up wanting and craving something that’s more exciting than…a banana or granola bar. Here comes toast. Take a slice of bread and pop it in a toaster, and the

possibilities are endless. Avocado toast is the one that made it famous (justifiably so, if you’ve been to Two Hands, Little Collins, or Bluestone Lane in NYC), but there are a few others out there that deserve the spotlight too!

Here are a few ideas to get the breakfast, lunch, or snack game rolling.

Blueberry and Chia Greek Yogurt (Ambitious Kitchen), Avo-Tahini (My Recipes), Almond Butter Toast with Bananas and Toasted Coconut (The Modern Proper), Dukkah and Avocado Toast (Faring Well), Garlic Shiitake Mushroom Toast (Foodness Gracious)

By Alexis Bendjouia

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