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Specialist tea company JING tea and legendary five star Browns’ Hotel in Mayfair have announced the launch of a traditional Gong Fu Tea Set, as part of their specially curated ‘Tea Library’ menu. Brown’s Hotel is the first hotel in the UK to offer an entirely unique and immersive tea drinking experience to its guests with this Gong Fu Tea Set. To celebrate the launch, I was lucky enough to be invited to try the new tea menu!

As usual it was such a delight to be back in the english tea room at the Brown. Located on ground floor, it’s a little cozy heaven where you feel at home surrounded by fluffy couches, fireplace and many art books.

Edward Eisler, the founder of the brand, talked us though his latest blends and creations, his travels in Asia, and his vision behind the brand (which means ‘essence’ in Mandarin). Aside from being the tea advisor for go-to Michelin chefs, Eisler launched the UK’s first Tea Sommelier Course, mastering the art and science behind the ritual, and how to perfect the entire experience. His idea to embrace the Asian roots behind this cultural tradition and blend them into the British world has lent him serious street cred among tea connoisseurs.

He also showed us how to infuse your tea to get the best flavor out of it. You need 2 pots, one to put the leaves, using the hourglass to time, then pour the content in a new pot to stop the leaves from infusing more.

JT offers an amazing and delicate transparent tea set with double walls in order to avoid the heat to burn the fingers, it also with the hourglass timer.

My favorite teas from the JT spring collection were the green & yellow tea. It was the first time I was trying yellow tea, which has quiet similarities with the green tea benefits.

So this is basically my experience with Jing Tea–making me part of the « gateway » sector, while soon enough, I can hit the « explorer » level before becoming a « connoisseur. » (These are actual terms on the website, separating the teas into different categories!) This discovery was actually pretty good timing, as tea as an easy crowd-pleasing go-to for the holiday season.

Natacha, xoxo


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  1. Sylvia says:

    Such a pure and refined experience!!
    interesting about the yellow tea (never tried either!)