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Photos: Annya Sandul

Big Meaning

I’m a big fan of subtle ink. When I stumbled upon something that was filled with meaning and translated into more than words, I decided to pay Dr. Woo a visit to get « Una Vida » tattooed on my arm. Firstly, getting a tattoo from him was definitely on my bucket list for a

long time (with the tattoo I got), I am so thankfull & happy I got the chance to finally do it! And then the whole appointment kind of felt like an experience. I arrived at his studio in West Hollywood around 7pm. The decor was the first thing to draw me in. Think a mix of vintage, Native American art with a real bike in the studio and various Diptyque candles burning throughout!

Woo himself was really humble and down to earth, and obviously bursting with creativity. When I explained what I had in mind, his drawing was perfect on the first try.

Okay, back to the meaning of it all. The background lines are the chemical formula of the Serotonin, the hormone that our body produces and that gives us the feeling of joy & hapinness. The moon…because it’s a planet that changes every night and it reminds me that nothing is permanent in life so that’s important to embrace it fully! The other planet is Venus, the planet that embodies feminity  and sensuality 🙂 And the unclosed circles because nothing needs to be perfect to be good 😉

Woo made a beautiful design out of the symbols I wanted and I am forever grateful.

The words « Una Vida » tattoo is very symbolic to me at a very special time in my life. It’s written backwards and can only be read when reflected in a mirror, making it a very personal reminder.

Another tattoo I have similar to « Una Vida » was from a visit last summer to Bang Bang NYC , and it says « she who endures conquers » on the back of my neck, scribbled down to the shoulder area. It symbolizes perseverance, endurance, and success.

They say once you get one, you want several. Oh well!


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