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Let’s Talk Cellulite

Okay, summer is coming and bikini season is on, so let’s talk about some dreaded lady bod things. AKA cellulite. And solutions for how to get rid of it! It’s not an overnight thing, but there are certainly a few lifestyle tweaks that don’t hurt, so that’s a good start.

Also, let’s just put it out there that ladies of all body types have cellulite. (And unfair as it is, men typically don’t…) Whether it appeared from genetics, an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise or beyond, there are a few ways to lessen the effects.

Healthy diets that are low in sodium are key, since salt makes you bloat/your fat cells will cell, therefore making the « dimples » more noticeable. Plenty of H20 is also key. If your body is dehydrated, the skin can thin out, leading cellulite to be more visible.

Exercise is also vital. Gaining weight can only do harm in the name of cellulite, so staying active is always helpful!

Massages! There are body brushes that are made for massaging cellulite (which are essentially fat pockets), so stimulating circulation encourages smoothness, and can also help eliminate toxins that gather in the fat layers (which worsen cellulite). On the beauty note, caffeine scrubs are said to also minimize the appearance of cellulite, so make exfoliation your friend.

Oh, and tanning is your friend! Get a great self tanning glow, or enter the outside world for some sunshine, because a little bit of color lessens visibility too.

And lastly (this is an easy one), cranberry juice. It’s said the juice helps flush away toxic wastes and reduce fluid buildup in tissues, which gives a smoother appearance for smoother skin. It also helps detox the liver, so why not!

Image via Beauty Bar Online

By Alexis Bendjouia

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