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Summer is great and all because you can just throw on the nearest mini dress or frayed denim shorts and with a vintage or plain white tshirt and walk out the door (more or less), but then there’s always the shoes. And when you’re out and about and roaming the streets, let’s be real: it’s all about your sneakers.

Adidas has had their fair share of spotlight moments–and the same still holds true! Stan Smiths suddenly took the planet by storm over night and one day, the world was kind of wearing matching sneakers. But that’s totally fine because they’re an easy neutral pair and somehow add an automatic « cool factor » to any look.

Anyways, sneakers are a go all year round. But now that summer is kind of here, they’re just an easy thing to throw on and hit the road. Here’s some styling to get you started, and a few go-to picks for wardrobe building.

Images via Lovika, They All Hate Us, The Fashion Guitar, Pinterest, The Zoe Report

By Alexis Bendjouia


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