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It’s officially that time of year where the weather keeps fluctuating and people start to get colds, and need a little preventative action, and a few handy solutions for an immune boost. While getting regular sleep and exercise are definitely essential, there are a few other things worth having on your radar.

Vitamin C! Think citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits, but don’t overlook red bell peppers, which actually carry more vitamins than citrus. Ginger is also key in reducing inflammation, which is great when a sore throat arises, as is turmeric. Both are great in fresh juices and teas!

Here are a few simple and healthy immune boosting juices to get you going:

Beet, carrot, orange and ginger.

Orange and grapefruit.

Apple, carrot, ginger, lemon.

Bell pepper, lemon, cucumber, ginger, apple cider vinegar.

Want a quick shot? Go for fresh orange juice, ginger, manuka honey and turmeric. Recipe here.

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By Alexis Bendjouia


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