Holiday decor

For the table

With Easter and Passover en route, home entertaining is on its way and there are a few tasteful and subtle decor tips that anyone can adopt to add a hint of holiday to the air. Floral arrangements are always a great place to start (whether you are hosting, or bringing to the host!) And more than just flowers, creating a lovely tablescape with pastel pieces (and eggs!) in the mix, like the one from Emily Henderson’s site.

In the Passover world, the table will be filled with seder plates (we like this ceramic one from Etsy!) and matza doted along the center, but there are some playful name cards (and easily printable!) that add a nice touch. Okay, and then there’s Martha Stewart’s way, which involves using matza as a place card and scribbling the guest’s name in chocolate. Yes to this.

Images via Pinterest, diy-decorator, styled by Emily Henderson, almost makes perfect, Martha Stewart

By Alexis Bendjouia

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