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Giving Season


We are only a few weeks away from Christmas and NYE and I know the invitations for all the parties you will be attending have been rolling in for months! So many new outfits to buy, but also so many gifts to purchase for your hosts and hostess! 

Let’s think hard about this one. They are probably providing you some much needed fun, relaxation, great food and drinks, so how exactly are you going to show your gratitude! Here is a quick gift guide to help you breeze through your holiday shopping!


  1. Are they into fashion? A Vogue book would be an amazing addition to their living room table don’t you think? 
  2. Wine, wine and more wine! A good bottle of wine is the gift that keeps on giving! Your host can enjoy alone or share with the whole party
  3. Art! Depending on how well you know them and their taste, a lovely piece of wall art or a decorative piece for their mantel would be an amazing gift to bring to the party! 
  4. Candles make everyone’s nose and heart happy! Figure out what scents your hosts enjoy the most and match their taste.

Happy Holidays my loves!


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