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Clear Skin

A big part of healthy skin routines depends on what we are feeding our bodies. We can’t expect to get the J-Lo glow if we’re living on fries and processed foods. The cleaner and closer to the original source, the better. There are a few tried and true tips and suggestions from the pros that help lead the way to clearer skin. Here are some top ones to get you going.

Mind Body Green is always a good go-to source on subjects like these, and according to their rules, the essentials are:

  • stocking up on fiber
  • avoiding the usual suspects like dairy and alcohol
  • showing some love for zinc, Vitamin A, and fermented foods
  • omega 3 intake like wild-caught salmon, flaxseed, avocados, eggs, sardines, flaxseed oil, etc.
  • tea time! (especially calendula, dandelion root, St. Mary’s thistle, licorice, chamomile)

Glamour also gives some great suggestions on clean eats for the skin, and some of the staples include tomatoes, peppermint, nuts, dark berries, fennel, avocado, and more.

Finally, Dr. Wu, the author of Feed Your Face, gives some good insight on what to eat or avoid here. The beauty guru advises against sugar, and promotes eating darker and brighter veggies, which hold more nutrients (think arugula and kale). She also mentions that while many assume fruits and veggies have you covered, it’s all about the spices–especially turmeric.

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By Alexis Bendjouia

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Interesting and so worth it … by the way, had no idea that spices contributed also to healthy skin.