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Coachella 2019 Dolls

Hi my darlings! Can you believe festival time is upon us yet again?! All of the music, the funky outfits and the creative hairstyles are back and ready for us to admire and recreate! Don’t wait too long to pick out your outfits for Coachella this year. Start looking for your style and hair inspo NOW! Of course, here I am to help you kickstart that journey and to steer you straight to where you want to be.

Let’s start with hair styles!

We know it is going to be warm, so here are some options to keep your hair out of the way so you can feel the breeze and still look cute! Try some space buns either at the top of your head or some cute buns down by your earlobes, either way they are off of your neck and give you a chance to cool down. Or maybe some braids? Depending on your hair type and texture, there are many different braided styles you can try out! Cornrows, fishtail braids, French braids, Dutch braids, half braided half not, one braid down the middle and even braided buns! Try out a couple and see which one you like the best!


Remember you always have the option to wear your hair in its natural state, let your curls or your naturally straight hair be free in the wind! Maybe not, maybe it is time to explore a wig for the first time or add some vibrant color! Take your pick and be confident in your bold decisions!


When your hair-do is done, think of what could take your style to the next level and/or provide some functionality. Do you need a visor, sun hat, flower crown, jewels, hair clips, a headwrap, bandana? Whatever you need, just know you have options hunny!


Now on to our outfits!

Let’s keep this simple so we do not get overwhelmed with our options! Here are my top choices for your Coachella 2019 look!

Light & flowy: We know it is going to be hot mama, try to put on something you can breathe in, especially if you know you get warm quickly! These looks are so effortless and stylish at the same time.

Matching sets: Who doesn’t love a good 1-2 punch? Same pattern on the top and bottom? I think YES!

Denim: So classic, you can never go wrong. Denim shorts, denim crop top, flare denim jeans you name it!

White: Just like our light & flowy options, we want to minimize that heat and keep it cool and angelic :).

Bathing suits: You can never go wrong with a one piece, bikini, tankini, monokini, whichever you prefer. Throw on some shorts or maybe a shawl, you choose! Just get out there and rock it babe.

Shoes: Whether you prefer combat boots, vans, sandals, converse, or booties, pick what you will be most comfortable in and never sacrifice your style! Maybe a chunky sneaker might do it for you too!


Remember my loves, your options are endless! Stay hydrated, enjoy yourselves and always dress to impress!


Images from Getty Images, Vogue, Google Images

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