Beat the Bloat

It’s Still Summer

But even if it weren’t, there are a few standard anti-bloat tricks that are helpful to have in your back pocket. Ditching salt is one of the best known ways to keep a flat belly around, so shop around for some new seasonings so you can still pack a punch of flavor into your food. Dairy and carbs are also common contenders for belly

bloat. The milk alternatives these days are endless. When you can help it, swap out the dairy in your daily coffee fix for something like almond milk. This way you don’t have to pass up on that fork full of burrata when it hits your path. (It’s all about the little swaps sometimes!)

Okay, let’s chat shopping list foods. Throw cucumber in the mix. This crunchy veggie is very packed with water, so it makes for a great dipping item (hummus, yogurt spreads, and the like), along with a great snacking item.

For your fruit fix, papaya is a good option. So are bananas, as they digests slowly and helps keep you fuller longer. And berries. Always.

Ginger is also a popular anti-bloat item. It’s delicious fresh in a hot cup of peppermint tea or mixed with some OJ for a kick of Vitamin C.

Avocados pretty much check off every health box, and they work here too. No need to overdo it, but it’s definitely a great add-on to any meal situation.

Image via The Kitchen McCabe

By Alexis Bendjouia


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