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For the hair! If you haven’t picked up on the fascination of using coconut oil for multipurpose living (i.e. not only in your cooking, but also as a beauty remedy), it’s not too late to get on board. While it may have gotten tons of love in the spotlight, it’s for good reason. And with that, let’s talk hair and beauty.

For starters, avoid the scalp and use a small amount when applying! You don’t want to end up looking greasy. You’ll instantly feel a soothing and moisturizing feeling on the strands. Some say that the coconut oil helps reduce protein loss, while others say it provides protection against breakage. It’s not the same for all hair types, so test it out on your own before going full force, or being quick to say no. On a personal level, I’ve come to use it as a moisturizing agent in every way–essentially from head to toe.

It’s great to put on skin for that long lasting smooth feeling that surpasses any typical body lotion, and it really gives the hair a healthy and natural shine.

And side fact, if you end up buying some for the hair…many people also scoop a small amount into their coffee, as they say it can help you burn more fat throughout the day, improve digestion, aid in metabolism, and make you feel more energetic. Can’t hurt?

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