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Podcasts for the soul

We live in the digital age and everything we do every day involves multitasking and a mobile device. One of my favorite things to do on my phone is to listen to podcasts. There is a lot of things in the world that you do not have to worry about.

Podcasts are perfect when you’re working out on the beach while working out, or even driving in your car. The podcasts I’ve been listening to you because you’re self-developed because you can not help yourself! I’m interested in a better understanding of yourself:


  1. Robert Zink’s Law of Attraction: Exploring How Everything Is Connected
  2. Meditation For All by the Movana App: take a moment to relax, focus on your breath and re-energize each day
  3. The Mindful Kind by Rachel Kable: reset, relax, and remember what you’re doing, live in the moment and stop thinking about the past and the future
  4. Happier with Gretchen Rubin by Gretchen Rubin: learn some tips that can help you lead a more carefree lifestyle and see how you are going to transform


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