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Photos: Karla Garcia

Head to Toe LF

When I land in Miami, I feel this wave of instant vacation wash over me, and…all things beach, sun, sand and beyond bring me into a great element of peace where I can lounge and stroll island style. You don’t feel that constant rush of being in a busy city like New York or London, you kind of just

feel at ease. And to go with this effortless mindset, is all things LF. Any time I make a quick visit to New York or Miami, it’s one of my definitive go-to’s, and I always pick up some great everyday pieces that I can live in all summer (or whatever season we’re in). Today’s beach vibe included a paisley-ish printed pant, with some high slits, and a crop top with some fun dangling details.

More things beach life coming this week.

Natacha xoxo

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