Eco Life

Part Two

So I shared my fair share of thoughts on all things eco friendly and sustainable fashion. Ever since I took the leap towards this side of the fashion spectrum (this time last year), I’ve opened my eyes to a new world of brands and trends. United by Blue being one of them, as mentioned in last week’s post. It feels refreshing to know that I am a part of a movement that is

doing good for the environment, and really making a stride in our world. I’m inspired by the ethos of the brand, and also love the simplicity and wearability of all the pieces. Cable knit sweaters, plaid and khaki? Yes, please! Plus, everything looks cuter when you have a dog like this on the set. Especially when you dress the pup in an awesome little bandana.

Is anyone doing anything they’re excited about for the environment? Any little steps or strides in sustainability?

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Full outfit: United By Blue 


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