A sparkling conversation

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Photos: Moheli Rinaldi

All Things Swarovski

Last summer I had the both the honor and privileged to shoot a short video in Paris for the iconic crystal brand Swarovski.
In chatting with Nathalie Colin, the creative director of Swarovski for several years, who has also written a book and happens to be a serious styling maven, I perused a stunning jewelry collection and got some insights on key looks this season. From the company’s headquarters in rue Saint Honoré, to visiting the shop place de la Madeleine, let’s say I left there with some serious sparkle envy.

It was Colin’s idea to organize our gathering and come up with the day’s concept of our walk and talk around Paris in order to truly discover the Swarovski universe. Based on our chat and getting to know each other, I was inspired by her leadership role as a strong businesswoman who is savvy in the social and digital realm as well.
Colin’s deep knowledge and admiration for the social media landscape was seriously impressive, highlighting the importance of digital influencers, as a force that drives and engages an international audience was a topic I particularly enjoyed. I was also just excited to discover that she is a dedicated worker who travels the world while seriously dedicating her life to her career.

Back to jewelry...I love the natural vibe of the jewelry collections presented every season, and was excited to get the full rundown with Colin, whose mantra of « Modern jewels with historical hints » definitely speaks to me. The playful spin on vintage glamor makes the pieces just the right touches of modern, while the Y- and V- shaped necklaces make for a killer day to night transition piece.
There were a few favorites that would be difficult to part without. The two necklaces I fell for happen to be opposites, in that one is more heavily adorned and studded, while the other is a bit more understated, with charms hanging from a thin chain. Aside from these, I often have a thing for evil eye charms, so I was pretty excited about the Miranda Kerr x Swarovski collaboration, which featured a cool bangle with a studded eye.
Swarovski has been a classic staple for over 120 years, always being at the forefront of statement jewelry that leaves an impact. One of the initial inspirations behind the brand was to « create a diamond for everyone, » and this tradition has lived on, bringing covetable jewels to women around the globe. More than just earrings or necklaces, embellishments have also been a mainstay of the brand. When something is studded or sparkly, let’s just say it should be Swarovski.

See more about my day with Nathalie here!

Sparkling kisses my darlings & happy weekend!

Natacha xo

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  1. Frenchies Under The Sun says:

    Looks like you had so much fun together!
    So cool video, love it!



  2. Sylvia says:

    Really enjoyed watching the video Natacha!!!
    Love the necklaces you’ve chosen and also Nathalie Colin’s stacked rings.
    PS: it shows instantly on camera that you have super beautiful skin, fact + how cool are these leggings + vest together!!