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Photos: Vincenzo Grillo

Sporty Meets Sexy

At last, another look in head to toe Forte Forte. This time around, I’ve hit the sporty side of life, though not without adding a little bit of…sexy. I’m going to have to start by saying that I want to live, sleep and breathe all things velvet pants because I feel like I’m being surrounded by a cloud. Noted for upcoming travel gear,

and all around lounging attire. Secondly, I like the unexpected contrast of adding a sheer top to balance out the look. I could opt for a plain white tee and sneakers if I truly wanted to maintain a sporty look, but I was looking for an in-between. I was into the loose on loose articles of clothing, and topped it off with this coat because a) weather called for it, and b) keeping it cozy.

Anyways, that’s my real Paris farewell. Obviously not for long…

Natacha xoxo

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Head to toe : Forte Forte; Sneakers: Golden Goose

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  1. silverstorn says:

    Je suis tres tres tres fan de ce look. Tu as toujours une vrai proposition et c’est tellement appréciable

  2. Sylvia says:

    Love the look, and completely into velvet too! x