Brain Food

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Relax and Unwind

How do you relax and feed your brain at the same time? No this isn’t a riddle, but if you think it is, it’s a pretty easy one to figure out! If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s by reading! Whether you prefer e-books, audiobooks or the physical books, this is a great way to chill, reconnect with yourself and feed your brain. Here are 5 books that I think would be great for that me-time you need!

NYE is Calling!


New Look for the New Decade

OMG, NYE is coming up so soon and I know you will want to have your best outfit on to watch the ball drop and to land that New Year’s smooch on your partner ;). What on earth are you going to wear!! Here’s a quick guide to what you might help you dazzle everyone in sight.

I have one world for your. S P A R K L E. Glam, glam and more glam is all you need for this holiday. Whether it’s short and tight, long and strappy, fitted and silk, make sure it sparkles. This is your time to pull out the metallic everything and the sequins. Go big or go home! It is a new decade and definitely the time to show out. You cannot let anyone dull your shine going into 2020 so you need to let them know that before the year even begins. What better way to do that than on New Years Eve! You will thank me later.

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Gifts, Gifts and More Gifts

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Giving Season

  We are only a few weeks away from Christmas and NYE and I know the invitations for all the parties you will be attending have been rolling in for months! So many new outfits to buy, but also so many gifts to purchase for your hosts and hostess! 

Christmas Cheer

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Time To Shop

  Gifts, gifts, and more gifts!!!!! What are you getting the people you care about for Christmas this year? Have you started thinking about options yet or are you still procrastinating?? Well if you are procrastinating, let me help you out a little bit with a couple of options! 

Spooky Szn

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Trick or Treat!

  Hello my loves! Halloween is upon us and if you are anything like me, you haven’t been planning this outfit for the past 4 months and now you are trying to figure out what to wear tonight! No worries, you do not have to break the bank or even do any shopping to create these looks for that party you were invited to! 

La Moda en París

Elie Saab

PFW 2019

I love every opportunity I get to return back to my home in Paris, especially for this reason. Paris Fashion Week is a time for inspiration, new connections and so much excitement! Here are a few shows that really made a statement for me during this past week and I think you should check them out!

Up and Coming!

Natasha Zinko

From NYC to London

  Look alive and look ahead ladies. It’s time to get ready for this up and coming Spring season. So many beautiful designs to keep an eye out for and to start slowly adding to your wardrobe! London Fashion Week is here and has definitely made me excited for this upcoming season and I am ready to shop till I drop. Here are a few shows and a few trends to look out for: