Wake Up Like This

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Wake Up Like This

Kidding, no one rally woke up like this, but beach hair is a beautiful thing, and here’s all the inspiration you’ll need for sandy days and easy hair. Throwing some kind of bandana or silk band and wrapping your hair in a bun is always a fun low-maintenance way to have a nice hair do going. There’s some awesome silky prints–don’t be shy with it! Braids are always

a no-brainer too. Whether you have a French, Fishtail, or just loose messy braid, it always looks good. Then there’s the braid and bun combo, or bun with braids–the options are kind of endless (in a good way.) And then of course, if you have a luscious head of locks that just instantly turn into epic surf-style hair, then let loose!

Images via Cosmopolitan, Six and Stonez, Byrdie

By Alexis Bendjouia

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  1. Sylvia says:

    love the mix braids and salty hair – will try