Summer Essentials

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I love to get a little sun and color just as much as anyone else, but I also know the importance of maintaining healthy skin and protecting it from the summer heat. And for that, I’m seriously grateful for a few compact SPF situations. A few of my favorites include Avene, Shiseido and Amore Pacifico. I like that they don’t leave the skin greasy, and are so easy and light to both apply and carry around all day anywhere you go.

If you haven’t tried the compact variety, I do suggest it, and if you’re not wearing SPF as we speak, you might have to stop what you’re doing and get on it!

Happy Skin & Happy Summer!

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Compacts: Avene, Shiseido, Amore Pacifico

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Trop d’accord l’important du bon SPF.
    Cette crème a l’air géniale!