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By now, I think my passion for all things make up and beauty has become quite evident. And then when Dior rolls around with new collections, I basically can’t control myself. So let’s talk Splendor Collection. I love how Peter Philips, the creative and image director for Dior beauty truly makes everything a reflection of the brand. The bold colors, the shimmery hues–all things essentially an

extension of Dior itself. Anyways, whether you need some beauty gifts for the holiday season, or you’re gifting and shopping for yourself, an eyeshadow palette is always a good place to start. Lipstick can be hard to buy for others, but neutral hues consisting of silver, gold and metallic black is a no-fail. In terms of lips, it’s always fun to experiment with new colors every so often. These matte ones are bold, yet still easy to wear–and rock it. Plus, the lip and cheek duo is a good versatile and compact purchase.

We can view it as couture for the face. And after all…it is your face, so it deserves some pampering and splurging once in a while, no?

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Such irresistible shades and cutest miniature packaging.
    Dior j’adore X