Holiday Hair

Photos: Autumn Mishler

à la Julien Farel

Okay, let’s talk hair. When I pay my visits to New York, there’s usually always a quick trip to Julien Farel on the agenda. I can comfortably say that I will sit in those salon chairs and leave my locks in the hands of professionals with zero concern (and tons of excitement!) And this time around, I played a little dress up

to seek (and help others find) some hair inspiration for the holidays. We explored a few different looks with two different stylists to cover the spectrum 🙂

First up was look was create by advanced stylist Jackson Simmonds. He made a preppy half bun come to life. The first step was creating some loose waves (no need to do it perfectly so you can get the tousled effect!) Get your small part of the hair and pull backwards and secure it with a small tie. Then twirl the hair around the tie and secure it with bobby pins. Not too complicated!

Next up was a messy half bun by hair designer Luis Angelos. It was essentially the same method, except you just need to grab a bigger chunk of hair and add hair spray to create the messy effect!

The third and final look was by Luis Angelos as well. The hair was parted on the side to create a bang on the forehead, and then a fish tail braid on the other side to balance the look. I love fish tails! StyleCaster had a great post showcasing several different fish tail how-to videos for an easy visual. Check them out here.

And obviously no holiday look is complete without make-up, so…the three looks were done by the one and only Kathy Genchi. She opted for a natural complexion with a little bit of contouring on the cheek bones and some shimmering peach blush on top. The eye look was natural as well. No mascara. Just eye liner and eye shadow. Starting with the darker shade close to the eye lashes and going lighter until the eye crease.

I think that covers holiday beauty for now 🙂

Natacha xo

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