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Long Lashes

Women and eyelashes…it’s no joke! The things we do to get them perfectly curled, thick and long, but avoiding having them clumpy can be a whole mission. Well, until you find that secret trick that works like a charm and suddenly…goodbye mascara! It’s a little bit of a process, so you may need to be patient for a bit. And so it goes.

I used revitalash daily for 3 months and the difference was tremendous. You won’t notice it overnight, but you can definitely feel the boost after two weeks.

Next order of business is dying the lashes black. The color remains for 2 months and it’s a great little trick that makes it easy to ditch mascara. And there I am, drinking some coffee straight after dying them. No make up!

And when you need something a bit dramatic, you go for the perm. I do it twice a year and it doesn’t damage the lashes and makes a serious impact. That’s me, mid-perm… I get it done at Carita in Paris (Rue Boccador).

Best part? No need to rub and scrub to remove mascara at the end of the night 🙂 And, it’s one last thing in the morning beauty routine. (And we all know that’s a long one!)

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Genius the eyelash perm, it looks sublime on you… makes me so want to try it! xxx