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Everyone knows how essential a woman’s beauty routine is. Along with our morning coffee, hot tea, or {insert ritual here}, the creams, serums, moisturizers and beyond that we use are a daily necessity and essential to our existence. And with that in mind, while so many of my make up staples remain the same year after year, sometimes I stumble upon a new brand or piece that I quickly add to my daily practice and wonder how I ever lived

without it.

So I recently came across RMS Beauty, founded by Rose-Marie Swift, a lady with 35+ years in the makeup field, while chatting with Rose and her sister Angela over a delicious breakfast session at The Edition Hotel in London. I was immediately drawn into their life philosophy and everything they stand for. Their products list ingredients that are comforting and recognizable, like coconut oil, shea butter, bees wax, castor seed oil, and a whole medley of additional oils and extracts.

Here’s my personal rundown thus far…The raw coconut cream that I use every night, in addition to the make up remover wipes (also made with coconut oil). I’m really into the magic luminizer, which I put under the eye and around the upper cheek bones, along with the contour bronze–all brushed on with my fingers; it glides and blends on easily! For the finishing touch, I opt for the garden rose eye shadow for a fresh natural look, which I also apply with my finger.

Pro tip: add water to a pencil and mix it with the eye shadow for a matte finish.

And so goes the all natural beauty ritual. Warning: it’s slightly addicting.

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  1. Sarah Chloé says:

    I didn’t know this brand !