Lavender Lover


Leggy Lady

Hello my loves! How is this week treating you? As I move through the week, one thing that really keeps me motivated is the fact that I am in control of my work schedule. The independence that comes with my work allows me so much more time to focus on other important aspects of my life during the day time as well.

Shades of Beige


Sleek & Chic

Roaming the streets of London brings me so much joy. I love being back in my city after a long vacay to re-up my energy. You need a bit of time to yourself after traveling to regroup and get your thoughts back in order. Taking walks usually helps me clear my mind and return to my peace.

Work The Skirt


Cheetah Life

Feisty woman walking down the street, you can’t help but continue to stare once your eyes meet! Do you ever make up little songs to yourself, about yourself to liven up your day? No? Just me? Well, that’s alright because I am pretty entertaining if I do say so myself.

Penthouse Princess


Deep Tones All Around

As the month progresses  on, the temperature keeps dropping quickly here in NY. The comfort of the indoors always brings me solace when I know outside feels like below 0*. The Stella Tower on the Upper West Side provided me with the comfort I needed to make it through my NYC trip.

Perfect Balance


Time To Split

Who says winter has to be spent hidden under layers and layers of clothes? Well, don’t overheat while you walk the streets of the city, weaving in and out of your favorite spots.

Cozy As Can Be


Baby Blues On Deck

There’s no greater feeling than being in a space that opens your heart and creative eye with its clean, soft lines and forces you let down your hair and let the bustle of NYC melt away. That’s how transforming it was for me when I stepped into the Stellar Tower, which is decorated by the largest, full-service luxury interior design and marketing firm in the United States, Interior Marketing Group, (IMG). With sales of more than half a billion dollars and a growing business, IMG transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary dwellings in under 12 days.

Bundle Up


Cold World

Fall provides so much room for mixing and matching the layers. Bundling up, and then slowly removing pieces as the day goes along as you enter into different environments. Each building you walk into during the day could be time to showcase a different part of the look.