Summer pants



Give me a casual outing, and I'm all for a pair of easy pants, simple jumper and Comme de Garcons Converse. Sometimes, it's nice to throw on something and hit the road, and summer should be full of no brainers like these. Grab a great pair of printed pants and they will make their rounds--be it with a light sweater, t-shirt, silk tank, denim jacket, you get the point. These NSF ones do

Weather shorts


Legs for days

Hi, summer. I'm here to stay, and I'm bringing my denim along with! Also, metallic-ish boots because I'm loving all things Erin Adamson and I'm all for some low boots and a little something short. Anyways, gold and leather--sign me up. Thanks. I've always been excited by anything Valentino

Island Time


Kind of

Well, I'm still in London but these pants are sending me some tropical vibes, so I somehow feel like I was meant to be a on a remote island. Anyway, back to reality. I've added a new choker to the repertoire, and I'm really excited by the entire Chanael K collection at the moment. Long live chokers, I'm not ready

Happy Clutches

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.50.23 AM

Happy Summer

There are few things that can come between a woman and her bag collection. Well, and shoe and jewelry collection as well I suppose. But still, bags are crucial, and so are clutches. Especially of the happy colorful bright varieties. You know, bags that talk. The ones with personality that make their