When in Paris…

Photos: Fanny Dussol

Do as the Parisians do

One does not simply attend Fashion Week in an everyday outfit. We must go big or go home!! Truly there is no other option but to be dressed in one of the best outfits you can get your hands on and once you get to the show, act like you’re on the runway yourself!

This year, my entire outfit was by Elie Saab and I was beyond amazed. This whole look is from Fashion Week 2019. I am so obsessed with this black bodysuit! The crisscross straps in the front along with the sheer panels took me from cute to sexy instantly. Also, look at these pants! Do you see how they were cut perfectly to accentuate my figure? #LegsForDays. Finding pieces that compliment my figure are so important to me and this entire look did just that. Waittttt…we can’t forget about the accessories! These heart earrings were super cute and the fact that they did not match brought in a cool rock and roll effect to the look. It’s boring for everything to match 100% all the time, so you have to mix it up when you can! Definitely love this look so much and was a perfect fit for Fashion Week!

Natacha xo

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Entire look: Elie Saab FW 2019 (similar), Earrigs: Elie Saab (similar)

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