All in the Details

Photos: Morgane Lay

Black on Black

Do you ever pick out a piece in a store and fall in love with the details on the item? You are carried away by the intricate design or the craftsmanship so much so that you cannot leave the store without it! The details make the item beautiful just as the details of your life create an amazing big picture.

Lace detailing on this top creates a sensual style that I adore. Without it, the top becomes a little less interesting and a little more regular. We all have stories that compose our lives. Those stories are like the lace, pieces that add to the excitement of who we are. Nobody will ever know your whole story, but those that you do choose to share the story with will definitely understand you a little bit better and begin to think of you as more interesting. This life thrives on connections and an amazing way to connect with others is to share our story and learn more about others as well. Next time you hang out with a friend, try to see if you can dig a little deeper and pay attention to the lace 🙂

Natacha xx

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Top: Anine Bing, Skirt: Anine Bing, Jacket: Anine Bing, Shades: Celine, Necklace: The Kooples, Purse: Chanel

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