A Siren on the Scene


Red love

It is time to take it to a new level. Put on something that POPS to brighten these dull winter days. This gorgeous red dress is from Cefinn, a brand founded in London in 2017 by Samantha Cameron. The pieces were created with the urban woman in mind. 

Last week in París


Haute Couture

  Elie Saab is one of my favorite brands. Over the years the Lebanese based brand has evolved from bridal couture to haute couture, and ready to wear. I had the pleasure to attend their Haute Couture  show last week in my home city Paris! Of course I had to show my support when the show was taking place in my beloved country, definitely a trip I would never hesitate to make.

Cashmere Flow


Indian summer

The excitment continues .... I honestly am is thrilled with this new business venture. It is fantastic when your personal life and professional life intersect so fluidly and organically (literally). I strive to not only promote a better way of life but to live it myself. The brands I support and the companies I choose to do business with work to make the world a more eco-conscious . Naadam, named after the largest festival in Mongolia, is the brand that my equity fund most recently invested in. They are doing a great job at creating sustainable and high-quality cashmere.

Pretty in Pink

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The St Tropez Way

Sometimes in life, we are lucky enough to find an outfit that describes our mood to a 'T' that day. When making this decision, there are always some brands that we feel confident will accurately capture this mood and some brands just speak to us and then when we actually put the outfit together we laugh at the fact that we might have even second-guessed our decision in the first place. Take it from me, LISTEN TO YOUR GUT! Sunday St Tropez is everything I could ever ask for in clothing line. I feel stylish and comfortable in all their pieces, and I couldn't be happier.

Paradis de la Couture


Paris Couture Week

Have you ever looked at an outfit and thought "this is pure art"? No? Well, that's exactly how I'm watching the Elie Saab fashion show this past week. His show is one of my favorites, and the couture collection truly embodies the craftsmanship and what it really means to be sewing because of each piece of clothing is genuine art. The theme of the show is "Of Forms And Light," and the many breathtaking designs depicting organic shapes, extraordinary detailing, and marvelous styles ranging from long gowns, hi-low dresses, short cocktail dresses and even pantsuits.

Eco Life


Part Two

So I shared my fair share of thoughts on all things eco friendly and sustainable fashion. Ever since I took the leap towards this side of the fashion spectrum (this time last year), I've opened my eyes to a new world of brands and trends. United by Blue being one of them, as mentioned in last week's post. It feels refreshing to know that I am a part of a movement that is

Sustainable Style


United By Blue

I traveled to Philly last December to visit the United by Blue headquarters and attend their store opening and I've been really enamored by the company's ethos since I discovered it last year. Since the company values and beliefs, aligns with mine,  I decided last October to support this company, becoming one of their share holder while helping with their global communication and developement .