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Sunny Hair Care

I do not know about you, but my hair is personally one of my favorite aspects. I do not feel fully dressed until my hair is done! It completely completes my look each and every time, so it definitely gets a lot of my attention each day. This warm weather is so fantastic, but can be a little damaging to our lovely braids. The increase in direct sunlight can be compared to that.

 As you begin creating your summer routines, think about adding these steps to moisturize your hair: Apply a mask to your hair twice a month. Mix the castor oil and coconut oil together and apply the mask to the scalp. Try to get rid of shampoos , they are known to dry out hair, so space out your shampoos to every 3-4 days. After each shampoo, use a hydrating conditioner! Personally I use a vegan conditioner by Pureology or the conditioner from the Botanica line of Kerastase Because It’s sulfate and silicone free. For extra moisture, once a month I’m looking for an Olaplex No.3mask to my hair and it has really helped. Lastly, I drink coconut water every day to help my skin! Try these out and let me know how it works for you or keep you hydrated during the summer!


Images via Pureology, LaLa Daisy, FabHow, GrandParents, Amazon, RainLillie, & WomensHealthMag

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