New Year, Who This?

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Peace, Light and Love

New year, more life, more love, more everything. I am super excited for this new decade and I hope you are too. We are so capable of doing a lot of great things in this new chapter, so now is the time to seize the moment. Focus your creative energy on something that really excites you this year and see how far you get.

Glitz and Glammer

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Sparkle Baby

You know you’re a superstar right? Everything inside of you shines so bright and nothing anybody does can stop you. So much power, so much energy and so much light. You can brighten any room you walk in without even saying a word. 

Back to the Basics


In the Little Black Dress

Long time no see my darlings! Happy February, I hope this month brings you all so much joy, peace, love and understanding in every realm possible in your lives. As we start this new month, return to the basics, make life simple for yourself and invite ease and tranquility into your life pronto! Once you begin to shift your energy, everything else around you will shift as well.