City Girl


In a Material World

Work trips give me an opportunity to mix business with pleasure! I get to do a little exploring while getting my work done! And what better place to do this mixing than in New York! NYC is like my other home and every time I touch down I just feel like I belong.

Fall Feelings


Comfy Bae

Fall is upon us and winter is definitely creeping around the corner! These seasons are changing so quickly that I can hardly keep up. Some days I am really loving the crisp cool air on my face and other days I cannot wait for summer to return to me! 

Doin’ It All


Sky is the limit!

Hello my loves! How are we feeling as mercury’s retrograde finally comes to an end? Do you feel unstoppable and courageous? Because I absolutely do, these past few weeks have been trying times but I survived and I couldn’t be happier. Sometimes we let the energy shift us, but other times we have to be the ones shifting the energy.

Goin with the Flow


Fall Fever

Happy November my loves! AS we enter this new month and this new season, it is time to prepare for more love and more blessings. As we get another month closer to the end of the year, we must continue going with the flow and moving with ease into a new space!

That New New


Thee Bar Jacket 

  Hi dolls! I hope you are all having a fantastic week and I hope you are all ready for some more style inspo because that is exactly what I have brought for you today. And guess who our guest star is, SURPRISE! It is thee bar jacket once again :). Get out your notepads and start taking these notes because this is a must have!

Raising the BAR


A much appreciated re-launch

Christian Dior first launched the collection with the iconic Dior Bar Jacket in 1947. The jacket has a cinched waist and padded hips and creates a lovely silhouette. The re-launch is here and ready for you all to see and enjoy! The way it has been worn through the years continues to evolve and change often.