The Green Scene


J'adore Dior

  Hello my loves! I hope you are all having an absolutely phenomenal week like I am! What better way to begin (or end) your week than with Dior! This look is a work of art from head to toe and Dior is responsible for it all! I feel so empowered and so powerful rocking this look and I want you all to do the same! 

Falling for Fall


London Love

I know I always talk about how much I love summer and how it is my absolute favorite season…..but I think fall might be a close second! The change in pace as well as the changes in the atmosphere are exactly what I need to keep myself focused and motivated. With great change comes great inspiration and I am more than excited for it to come.

Printed Power


Lady in Leopard

Never underestimate the power that prints possess. What messages do you want everyone to receive when they see you? Are you giving off peaceful vibes? Powerful one perhaps? I bet it is powerfully positive because that is exactly how I feel when I put on my leopard. 

Baby Blue Hues


Peace and Tranquility

Do you ever feel like the colors in your outfits reflect your mood? Or maybe the other way around? Sometimes I allow my outfits to boost my mood and other days, I dress how I feel. These baby blue hues came out with my very calm and serene feelings today. Some days, we just want to chill and our clothes should reflect that. 

Day & Night

fanny dussol-19 copie

Playing in Paris

I love coming back to my home city! Paris is full of so many adventures and so much life. Coming back during fashion week is even more exciting because I get to see my loved ones and enjoy my favorite pastime (le fashion) at the same time! Each day here just brings me more happiness and internal peace.

Purple Power


She is a Queen!

Hello my loves! I hope you all have had a fantastic week and are prepared to have an even more fantastic weekend! I am sending you all the positive vibes, inspiration, encouragement, relaxation and anything else you could possibly need this week! This week’s color to focus on is purple (for obvious reasons, ie: my outfit) and let’s talk about why.

Fashion Week Pace


Bright Lights!

Last month, Fashion Week truly inspired a new energy in my body and my spirit. It just takes my mood from a 10 to 100 instantly. The people, the fashion, the action, the lights, the models all make me feel like I am unstoppable. Each step I take is one step closer to the life I dream of and fashion week is really a dream come true.