Can You Feel It?


Let the vibes flow

This leopard lifestyle is one that I will never leave behind. Fierce prints call my name 24/7 and I have to answer. You know and I know that you wish you had a pair that looked this good! There is no better time than today to rock these hot pants and that’s the truth! 

Up and Coming!

Natasha Zinko

From NYC to London

  Look alive and look ahead ladies. It’s time to get ready for this up and coming Spring season. So many beautiful designs to keep an eye out for and to start slowly adding to your wardrobe! London Fashion Week is here and has definitely made me excited for this upcoming season and I am ready to shop till I drop. Here are a few shows and a few trends to look out for:

Gearing Up


Get Up and Get Out

  All of the fashion weeks are approaching so quickly and I feel like my head is spinning a little bit. Life goes from a few calm moments to being so hectic so quickly, but all you can do is prepare yourself to roll with the punches! You just have to gear up ahead of time so when the unexpected happens, you have the skills to handle it!

Gloomy Days


Fade Away

What puts you in a better mood when the weather outside is not the best? Do you cheer yourself up with a trip to the mall? What about a Netflix binge? Maybe even a fancy dinner date by yourself?

Vintage Vibe


Just goin’ with the flow!

  Vintage vibes just make me so excited! Do you agree? Tell me what some of your favorite vintage styles or looks are because I would love to know! I’m always looking for new additions to my closet and I would never pass up the opportunity for some vintage pieces! 

Cat Walk Baby

Ralph Lauren

NYFW Back in Action

You already know what time of year it is my loves. New York Fashion Week has come again to completely wow us and prepare us for this upcoming season. I am so excited to share with you all some shows, trends and pieces that definitely stood out this past week!



Don’t Leave Me

Every time I feel like I have more summer to hang onto, somehow it slips away from me even faster. I absolutely love the summer and it definitely brings out the best in me, but you already knew that ;).