Ice Cream Team

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All White Alert

Summer days will call for many opportunities to bring out the all white outfits and today was definitely one of those days. The warmer it is outside the greater the need for clothes that will keep your body temperature all the way down and you definitely cannot go wrong with a white outfit to make that happen. 

Fire it Up

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A bit of Summer Spice

  What aspect of your life makes you feel powerful or empowered? Is it your career, your family, your romantic relationships, your friendships, your sense of style or maybe even your fitness regime? Something empowers all of us and the sooner we understand what that is, the better we can leverage it to our advantage!

Runway Dreams


Part II in Paris...

I have returned with more greatness from París. We all have passions in life and hopefully by now you understand that fashion is very high up on my list. I live and breathe and this world each and every day because it gives me an outlet to express my creativity is the best way I know how. Fashion Week gives me a rush of excitement and I truly could not wait to come lell you all about it!

Parisian Summer

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Fashion Forward

  Hello my loves, that time of year has returned. Time for the Paris Haute Couture fashion shows! Be on the lookout for these styles and trends to grace your life in the coming months. If you stay ready, you won’t ever have to get ready, so take a look at these shows and start shopping accordingly ;).