Mood: Wild Child


Leopard Love

What’s your mood for the week? How are you REALLY feeling? Are you feeling energetic? Sluggish? Peaceful? Or like a Wild Child like me! Some days, I get a rush of energy and just feel more alive than ever. Those are my most productive days, where I accomplish fantastic work and have the most fun doing it.

All in the Details


Black on Black

Do you ever pick out a piece in a store and fall in love with the details on the item? You are carried away by the intricate design or the craftsmanship so much so that you cannot leave the store without it! The details make the item beautiful just as the details of your life create an amazing big picture.



Peaceful Feels

Another beautiful day and another dress that brings me all the peaceful feels! It is so amazing to slip into something that feels like tranquility. Your outfits really do play a key role in each day, so why not be conscious of what we choose!



Keep up with the flow

The grind never stops, which means I’m always movin here and there! Part of this entrepreneur life means rolling with the punches and keeping up with whatever is thrown your way. Can you handle that?

Vibrations High



When you see me, just know, I am on a mission! A mission to succeed in everything I set my mind on. Nothing you say or do will be able stop me, so save your breath ;) I am on a roll and am so excited for where I am headed.

Let Loose and Let Live


No monday blues !

Life is too short to not travel the world! You don’t always need two weeks off to go somewhere new, you can take a quick weekend trip and get in some sites in 48hrs! Not all the time but maybe a few times a year? Think about it, how many weekends have you spent at home that you could have spent on a vacation?



Catch me in the sun!

If the sun is out, so am I! Heliophiles are attracted to the sunlight and that is exactly what I am. The rays re-energize me each and every day, so I can’t help but bask in the warmth when I step outside.