Throw On Those Hater Blockers


And Get to Steppin'

Do you ever have those days where you don’t feel like talking much? Then on those same days, everybody wants to talk to you. It never fails! When you crave alone time the most is when everyone around feels the most social. It’s okay, you always have options. Do you want to break free and start up a convo? Or keep to yourself and relax some more?

Blushin’ Baby


All About The Warmth

As we continue on through the month of January, remember that you absolutely are not only limited to the color black during the winter season. It’s okay to put on light pinks, bright reds, warm oranges. Whatever shades, hues, and colors that you think will motivate you to go out into the world and be the best you possible is the correct color you should choose.

Winter Wonderland


Cold & Cute

As these winter days keep rolling by, I try to think about ways I can keep warm while still serving looks for all to see. A dress here, a pair of new boots there, each day brings a new opportunity to show off a new piece. It is even more interesting when you use the same pieces and style them in a completely new way! The flexibility and utility of staple pieces allows you to get the best use out of your precious purchases.

Out with the Old


In with the boots!

I know you feel it. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, because you do. You know exactly what! This cold weather!! Although the year has changed, the season has not. That means we can still keep breaking out the boots from our closets and rocking them for a few more months.

New Year, New Moves, Same Look


And Same Me!

Happy New Year my loves!  I hope the holidays treated you all very nicely. I know I traveled some, saw some family and friends and enjoyed so much great food. The new year, as well as every new season, is always filled with many new opportunities for love, work, relationships, business, creativity and fashion of course! I hope you were able to keep pushing through the end of last season and that now you are feeling energized after the break for a fresh start.

Mad Hatter


In the Big Apple

Here I am, still strutting through these NYC streets and suddenly began to think back to a very interesting Disney movie. Alice in Wonderland tells a quite intriguing tale of a young girl who gets lost during an outing and meets a pretty peculiar man who they call the Mad Hatter. He is fearless and full of energy and I found myself thinking about him as I put this Nick Fouquet hat on my head this morning.