Peace, Love, Naadam


Cashmere & Denim

Can you believe we are halfway through October already? This month is flying and life has been keeping me so super busy. I’m back again with another fall fave look that you can mix and match to make your own!

Vibin & Stylin


Fendi Luva

  What’s new my darlings? I hope the transition into this new season is treating you all so well. October will be done before we know it and winter will begin very soon. I love this time where long sleeves are required, but not necessarily a coat yet. It’s such an awesome feeling to move around town each day without the extra weight of my winter coat weighing me down.

Treasure Your Tresses


Repaired & Nourrished 

I’m back again with some hair tips that will definitely for this fall. The change in weather always affects our hair and therefore we need to be ready to fight back. I have put together a list of my favorite natural oils that will help combat dryness and so much more. Check out their benefits and see which one you need the most (maybe all 4 of them)!

Singing in the Rain


The Perfect Coat

  I’m back home in London Town and we all know how rainy my city is. A good raincoat is super important when the forecast predicts rain for a whole week at a time. So what makes a good rain coat?

Cashmere Flow


Indian summer

The excitment continues .... I honestly am is thrilled with this new business venture. It is fantastic when your personal life and professional life intersect so fluidly and organically (literally). I strive to not only promote a better way of life but to live it myself. The brands I support and the companies I choose to do business with work to make the world a more eco-conscious . Naadam, named after the largest festival in Mongolia, is the brand that my equity fund most recently invested in. They are doing a great job at creating sustainable and high-quality cashmere.

Hues Of The Earth


Nice & Simple

Sometimes (not often), you must take a break from the limelight. Put on an outfit that doesn't draw too much attention to yourself. Just keep it nice and simple. Some days you may need energy boost. Those are the days where you need to dress all the way up to ensure the outfit is reflecting the mood you're feeling inside. Even if you aren't feeling pumped inside already, you can use the outfit to bring your energy from a 2 to a 12. But when you're already on 12, your outfit can be somewhat more chill.

Power Moves in Paris


...In a Fierce Fit

Hello my sweet darlings! How is this fall treating you? I know this new season is bringing about a lot of growth and positivity for me especially. This past week I got to take a quick work trip back to my old stomping grounds, my home city, Paris! Every time I go home I just feel so much love and happiness as I walk through the streets.