Catch me in the sun!

If the sun is out, so am I! Heliophiles are attracted to the sunlight and that is exactly what I am. The rays re-energize me each and every day, so I can’t help but bask in the warmth when I step outside.

Time to Detoxify

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Summer Sippin'

Hello my loves. The summer heat that is coming around the corner is no joke! It is so important for us to keep ourselves hydrating and to keep our bodies refreshed while we’re enjoying the delicious food and phenomenal weather. Sometimes we forget to replenish ourselves and that can have a serious impact on us. Here some detox recipes that replenish your system and keep you feeling your best!

Amor Verde


Earthy feels all over again!

Summertime is right around the corner and that means it’s about time to bring out the bright colors in your wardrobes. It is your time to shine and connect with the Earth! And what better way to express that connection than with the color green. The lush environment around you, the lively trees, the blooming plants all the beautiful life around you are different shades of green, you can be a part of that too.

feeling finer than wine


& looking like it too

June is upon us my loves! New month means another opportunity to set some goals, make some plans to execute big and keep stepping up your fashion game! What are your goals for the month? Make a list and keep yourself motivated!

Passion Plays

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Recharging In The Sun

Miami sunshine brings me all the lovely rays of energy I need. I adore basking in the sun, feeling the warmth against my skin and letting the heat rays renew my energy. Sometimes I just feel like a plant, soaking up the greatness that the Universe has for me. And do you know what happens when the sun comes out to play? So do these beautiful summer colors.

Hot Gal

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Biker Babe

What workout clothes do you incorporate into your daily running around? Is it your fancy sports bra? Your running sneakers? Or those cute biker shorts? Listen babe, I know the gym look is just so cute and comfy that you can’t ONLY save them for the gym.

Live Life in the Fierce Lane

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Leopard Life

Be bold, be brave, be beautiful. Each day we have to allow our passions to lead us closer to where it is we want to be in life. If you love animals, volunteer at a zoo. If photography makes you smile, invest in your own camera. One of my greatest passions in this life is fashion, so each day I surround myself with clothes that speak to me.