Fashion Week Pace


Bright Lights!

Last month, Fashion Week truly inspired a new energy in my body and my spirit. It just takes my mood from a 10 to 100 instantly. The people, the fashion, the action, the lights, the models all make me feel like I am unstoppable. Each step I take is one step closer to the life I dream of and fashion week is really a dream come true.

Vintage Chic


Borrowed or Recycled?

You know, sometimes you go to the store looking for something in particular and they just do not have what you want. So you get back home and go through your own closet again. Then after realize you do not have what you are looking for either, you sneak right into your mom’s closet and BOOM! The exact piece that my outfit was missing is sitting right there in my mom’s closet waiting for me to “borrow” it.

When in Paris…

fanny dussol-14 copie

Do as the Parisians do

One does not simply attend Fashion Week in an everyday outfit. We must go big or go home!! Truly there is no other option but to be dressed in one of the best outfits you can get your hands on and once you get to the show, act like you’re on the runway yourself!

Good Girls are Boring

fanny dussol-19 copie

So I guess that makes me a bad girl

What excites you everyday? Is it your job? Your partner? Maybe your wardrobe? Whatever it is, when is the last time you took a risk in that realm in your life? Time to re-evaluate what you are doing my loves, because if you never take any risks, are you even living? Probably not!

Keep Shining


All About Perspective

Think about everything you have done in your life up to this point. What is the first feeling that overwhelms your body? Is it joy? Is it anxiety? Is it complete happiness? I hope whatever feelings you feel right now are ones that you can put into perspective and say that for the most part in your life thus far, your decisions led you to a place you want to be.

La Moda en París

Elie Saab

PFW 2019

I love every opportunity I get to return back to my home in Paris, especially for this reason. Paris Fashion Week is a time for inspiration, new connections and so much excitement! Here are a few shows that really made a statement for me during this past week and I think you should check them out!



Time to shine!

Sun-days are the best days. Each day that the sun is shining bright on me, it reminds me of how grateful I am for everything I have and everything that I have come to be. Soak up the sun and let those rays permeate your skin, all the way into your soul. Let yourself be free and allow the warmth help you connect to your inner self.